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Bringing business together

Softcat’s 2022 Kick Off event was the first face-to-face gathering of its partners and vendors for over two years. With 1,700 Softcat employees set to attend, Revere was onboarded to help make the event memorable and unique in every way.

Working closely with Softcat, Revere outlined a plan that looked to encourage participation from the 30-plus partners due to attend. Every aspect of the event was catered for, from the initial stand creative and sponsorship documents per partner tier, all the way to coordination of partners at the live event. Dedicated resources were also developed for each partner stand, ensuring each vendor’s message was clearly communicated to the attendees.

Providing the personal touch

We spoke to each partner individually to find the best creative approach for each stand. Each was given a bespoke creative theme and advice on capturing and retaining engagement.

There were interactive elements, branded food and drink, videos, banners and other event collateral – all linked to the stand’s theme. Aligning with Softcat’s and Revere’s sustainability agendas, everything from the merchandise to the venue was chosen with sustainability in mind. For the 1,700 Softcat delegates, it was certainly an event to remember.

Partners catered for

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