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AI use statement

At Revere, our goal is to stay at the forefront of innovation to better serve our clients and support our employees. This is why we’re wholeheartedly embracing the evolution of artificial intelligence and its meaningful possibilities for B2B marketing. 

By utilising AI, we can stay agile and adapt to a rapidly changing technology landscape for the ongoing benefit of our clients. As part of our commitment to integrating AI into our services moving forward, we are approaching this adoption in a responsible, ethical way to enhance our client services and deliver added value in a competitive world. 

We do, however, understand that AI can raise some concerns about data privacy, security, and quality, so we want to address those proactively and transparently here. 

Ethical and privacy considerations: We take data privacy and ethics seriously. Every AI tool we adopt and use has undergone a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that data is handled responsibly and ethically. Our commitment to safeguarding your privacy is non-negotiable, and we ensure that all tools and technologies adhere to our high standards. 

Value creation, not replacement: Our use of AI is intended to empower employees, rather than replace their skills. We carefully select AI tools that have the potential to make us more effective and efficient in delivering for our clients. Tools are therefore chosen with the primary goal of adding value to our services and enhancing the overall client experience. 

Enhancing creativity: AI can help us reduce repetitive tasks and/or get us off the starting blocks quicker. This, in turn, gives us time back, which we can then use for the more creative and innovative aspects of our work. It empowers our team to use their expertise to provide high-quality, personalised solutions that align with our clients’ specific objectives. 

Client-centric approach: We are fully committed to delivering outcomes that truly benefit our clients. Our use of AI is directed towards streamlining processes and increasing productivity, which allows us to offer better, more unique outputs. We do not use AI to simply expedite tasks and maintain the status quo. 

Commitment to accountability: We hold all employees accountable for their use of AI. Our commitment to responsible AI usage is reflected in our company culture, and we expect every team member to uphold these principles in their work. 

We’re dedicated to maintaining these policies and providing our employees with the necessary training to ensure AI technologies are used responsibly, ethically, and for the benefit of our clients. 

Transparency: One of our key objectives is to remain transparent, so we are always happy to share more details about our practices with our clients and stakeholders. Therefore, should you have any questions about our approach, please reach out to your account manager or Fiona McKenzie, CEO at Revere. You will also find a reference to this statement in our terms and conditions

We welcome any feedback or questions you may have about our use of AI, and we hope to continue building trust and confidence in this exciting, evolving technology. 

Last updated November 2023