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It's what's inside that counts

People are at the heart of everything we say, do, and believe at Revere. Core to that is the nurture, care, and comfort of every employee. We encourage individuality and equity. We champion diversity and inclusion. We support whole health through physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We ask, listen, and learn. We pay it forward to causes close to our own hearts. And we’re always striving to do more.

Take good care
of yourself

We take physical and mental wellbeing seriously and believe that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is a priority. For Revere, flexibility is the future, so we’ve built it into the key initiatives that support our employees:

Boost Mind

Our very own wellbeing programme, designed to boost mental and physical wellbeing. From mental health training and yoga sessions, to providing a meaningful day and dedicated wellness action plans when needed, we’re committed to a culture of openness and are there to support each other.


Our mutual promise to build a culture of positive collaboration and support a healthy work-life balance for everyone at Revere. Respect@Revere is a collective ethos that supports our company values and guides a mindful, considered, and non-judgemental approach to our everyday working life - protecting peoples time, preferences and choices.

Boost Vitality

All Revere employees are offered private medical cover through Vitality health insurance once they have successfully passed their probationary period.

Doing our bit

The Revere way is about more than just excellent results. We aim to do business the right way and set an example, not just for commercial success, but for social and environmental responsibility as well.

Find out more about the values that make us who we are and how we’re doing our bit for the bigger picture.

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A boost for our team

We thrive when our team is energised to do their best work. Whether that’s through personal development, strong physical and mental health, enjoying a spontaneous reward or socialising with colleagues. Our ongoing Boost benefits programme is there to make Revere a happy, flexible, and supportive company.

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