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ABX Campaign

Targeting through intent

Avanade is driven to be the partner of choice for its key accounts. But to achieve this ambition in a market where ERP technology is only refreshed, on average, once every twenty years, it had a limited window of opportunity to deliver a marketing campaign that resonated.

The campaign’s target audience was senior IT and finance decision-makers at the CFO and CIO levels of enterprise businesses across North America and Canada. This was refined by monitoring intent signals, and by conducting primary research for further development into a scoring matrix.

The results were used to establish the buyer-journey stage of each account while also highlighting those with a propensity to engage. Several high-scoring accounts on the matrix were placed into a priority contact list for a targeted 1:1 campaign. All other lower-scoring accounts were included in a secondary 1:Many campaign for ongoing nurture and review.

Shaping a genuine, differentiating impact

Changing an ERP is no drop in the ocean. It’s a task that requires the right software and the right team of experts with the knowledge and experience to understand the business and its audience. The campaign theme, ‘Changing Waves’, positioned Avanade and the business as the catalyst – beginning a wave of positive change throughout the enterprise.

The campaign centred around a personalised direct mailer that included a personal video. Revere sent each prospect a personalised box, with every item inside representing a key part of the campaign messaging. Nurture content, including landing pages, were uniquely built for each account and sector, sharing relevant success stories that prospects could relate to.

A strong, inspiring call-to-action was included to ‘ride the waves of change’ and discover how Avanade can you help master your element.

direct mail engagement

uplift against MQL target


We spoke with the CFO of [confidential], following the nurture package he had received earlier in the month. He was extremely pleased with the gift box and the invitation to connect and found it to be very, very personalized. After a brief conversation, he advised that he would be interested in having a call with Avanade to discuss their current ERP roadmap.

Sales Lead, Avanade