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Avanade Rethink Campaign

Global Demand Generation

Harnessing uncertainty to inspire change

Covid-19 caused unprecedented disruption and created novel challenges, so it was vital Avanade quickly pivoted its global campaign strategy to adapt. The spotlight fell on marketing to solidify Avanade’s relevance, focus on evolving customer priorities, and generate new business opportunities.

The global campaign aimed to inspire and compel organisations to positively respond to the chaos of Covid-19. With time of the essence, the market and audience insight phase was used to align key stakeholders to a core campaign statement that articulated Avanade’s overarching proposition. The message called on organisations to take charge of their change: ‘Respond, reset and renew so your business is ready for whatever comes next’.

Tapping into a shared global sentiment

With so many outdated campaigns flooding the market, Revere had to develop a visionary creative that would inspire change in a time of global uncertainty. Using insights from market and audience intelligence, Revere reinforced Avanade’s relevance by fostering deeper, meaningful connections with a new audience all facing the same global issue.

Tuning into the mood at the time, the key message centred on securing the future: ‘We can never be this unprepared again – it’s time to rethink’. The creative was direct and to the point but executed with an eye-catching and expressive approach that allowed for extended campaign longevity. Revere helped Avanade seize this new business opportunity quickly, working through ideation to the first live-in-market phase within just four weeks.

global opportunities

of directly won sales in the UK alone.

The most recent challenges we’ve had have been adapting our marketing strategies to respond to Covid-19 and working with Revere has really helped us to achieve this, much quicker than we could have done alone. The output has been incredible. I truly think that the Rethink campaign is the best that Avanade has ever delivered and that has been done in complete partnership with Revere. I don’t think we could have done it without them.

Marketing Lead, Avanade