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Evolving strategic thinking

Refreshing marketing strategy

Laying the foundations

Having never worked with a creative agency before, Data Select engaged Revere to consult, advise and deliver a refreshed marketing strategy to support their goal of becoming more connected across their marketing efforts. Data Select recognised the need to re-energise their marketplace thinking and deliver new ideas to stand out in a busy channel environment.

Focusing on the development of a long-term marketing strategy to support Samsung MDF funding, Revere adopted end-to-end thinking and considered how we could be creatively impactful, stay relevant and drive innovation with new ideas for content and activation.

With multiple campaigns and objectives to fit into the plan, it was important to provide a connected strategy that considered audiences, relevant content recommendations and smart activation to ensure the campaigns worked together. 

Putting the wheels in motion

Once the strategy was defined and agreed, Revere planned and delivered multiple campaigns aligned to the overall vision. The first task was to create a compelling concept that would have longevity and tie closely into the narrative: Data Select is the home of the full Samsung ecosystem.

This led to creation of a brand-new microsite to act as the home for Data Select and Samsung, housing key messaging, content, sales enablement assets and resources for resellers. Content was also key, providing refreshed formats and thinking, including an interactive experience for a key product line. Activation was carefully mapped, connecting multiple tactics such as email, paid social and media advertising.  

Following success of the launch, Revere continues to plan and deliver quarterly marketing plans for Samsung and Data Select, aligned to the marketing and wider business objectives

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