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Efficiency & effectiveness powered by AI

Following a recent merger of three organisations, Giacom had to find a way to unite 1,500 products, all with disconnected experiences and varied tones of voice. Coupled with an industry challenged to deliver results amidst shrinking budgets, stringent deadlines, and intense competition, it gave Giacom a unique challenge to deliver measurable results efficiently and quickly.

Driving marketing effectiveness

With a tight deadline of 12 weeks against an estimated 1,624 days to deliver using traditional marketing methods, we turned to AI. It became our ally in driving marketing effectiveness and efficiencies, with Giacom trusting Revere to use ethical AI practices, with tools that would not compromise their product data.

Giacom Chat GPT
  • Giacom Chat GPT

Making the impossible, possible

To prove the value of AI, an initial pilot allowed us to identify and test the best AI tools for the campaign. Ensuring the use of ethical AI practices and robust governance, the initial pilot phase demonstrated that the overall project could be delivered within the deadlines set.

Ongoing testing proved that we could successfully execute product messaging in bulk – allowing the campaign to be delivered in 90 days compared to the estimated 1,624 days.

Giacom Pilot Phase
  • Giacom Pilot Phase

Our AI partners

- SmallPDF – to summarise each supplied PDF and pull out relevant product information

- – to apply Giacom’s brand tone of voice to summarised content

- ChatGPT API – to execute pilot exercise at scale

- Copilot – to locate vendor product page URLs and align ToV at scale

- SummariseGPT – an open-source application to allow for summarising URLs and documents at scale

Giacom PIM screens
  • Giacom PIM screens


For Giacom, delivering a product information tool that required all new content aligned to their 1,500 product portfolio seemed like an impossible task.

Based on manual copywriting time, it was anticipated that this would take over 1,624 days to deliver – time that didn’t exist with only a 12-week window. With AI as our ally, the results speak for themselves:

- Reduced time to deliver by 1920%

- Reduced investment required from £1m to £65k

- 6,000 partners migrated to one consistent, connected experience