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Hyper-Relevant Personalisation

Lead Generation Campaign

A unified, cohesive approach

Working closely with Mitel’s in-house team, Revere created and activated a lead generation campaign underpinned by the BANT framework. This campaign would do more than simply deliver qualified leads, it would keep Mitel in step with their distinctive target audiences and ahead of the engagement curve.

IT decision-maker and LOB audiences across the UK and Australia were the targets for the campaign. But, to ensure the campaign remained hyper-relevant, it was a priority to launch to market quickly. On launch, the campaign was supported with a range of content that adapted to the needs of the target audience to promote the benefits of Mitel’s communications and collaboration solutions.

With multiple Mitel campaigns already live, it was important for Revere to carefully consider campaign and channel recommendations, to ensure cohesiveness across the activation strategy and additional market endeavours.

Insight-driven optimisation

Revere adopted a united approach with the campaign, connecting several tactics, including email, paid social, and native advertising. However, work needed to be completed within Mitel’s martech, meaning there were additional complexities to navigate, such as nurture flows in Marketo and personalised landing pages.

As the campaign progressed and country-specific insights became available, Revere began tailoring messaging by country and audience group, adding a further level of sophistication to the campaign. By listening and adapting, Revere ensured the audience would receive an even more personalised, relevant experience.

The campaign’s success was driven by the collaborative approach between Mitel’s internal teams and Revere. By acting as an extension of its team, Revere delivered qualified leads through an evolving, insight-driven approach that not only provided value to Mitel but its target audience too.

BANT qualified leads achieved against the target

CPL vs industry average