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Partnership Demand Campaign

Inspiring audiences with storytelling

With its business model pivoting to become increasingly partner-first, Sitecore approached Revere to consult on its channel marketing strategy. As part of the discovery process, a new model to drive the effectiveness of Sitecore’s GTM marketing programmes with key alliance partners was identified.

To increase awareness and demand for Sitecore partnerships, the campaign needed to position a unique story that would inspire the target audience. The goal was to educate and engage internal teams, while an external strategy would help drive demand for the partnership’s joint value proposition.

Uncovering the unique and the different

To maximise engagement, it was important that ideal customer profiles (ICP) remained at the heart of the strategy. So, Revere harnessed discovery workshops in combination with audience and market insights to lay the foundations of the campaign. This led to recommendations for the joint-value proposition and a creative identity that was underpinned by insight and rationale.

Messaging frameworks were approved by key stakeholders ahead of time, meaning the content rollout for the campaign was smooth. Phase one considered awareness and education content while also offering longer-term recommendations for the next round of investment. And sales enablement content was tailored by partner, based on preferences and opportunities uncovered during discovery.

Revere is pivotal in creating joint campaigns that cut through for our Global Strategic Alliance Partners. They take the time to really understand our partner ecosystem, understanding the needs of both Sitecore and the partner network and champion those in equal measure, developing strong methodologies and campaigns that cut through.

Senior Director Partner Marketing – Market with, Sitecore