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Reconnecting with XMA’s Audience

Brand Evolution Strategy

Profound results from proven methodology

For XMA, having multiple business divisions, all with their own unique propositions and differentiators, and all growing across multiple new service territories, created an identity dilemma. To assert and elevate XMA’s position within its market, it required a concise and consistent brand voice that would create genuine, resonating connections with its audience.

Revere acted as the external perspective XMA needed to lead its new brand strategy. The campaign was kicked off with a discovery phase, drawing on numerous insight sessions and workshops held across the business. This tried-and-trusted methodology provided profound results, highlighting the business need for further market research across 500 decision-makers matching XMA’s ideal customer profile.

A data-fuelled, intelligence-led strategy

To unify XMA’s brand voice, Revere listened and learned from the real people in their audience. Data fuelled the audience-intelligence-led approach, and when coupled with additional market research, key themes emerged and audience challenges became clear. These guided the strategy, ensuring that the data-driven storytelling was narrative-led and audience-focused right from the start.

Throughout the project, there were relevant touchpoints with key stakeholders and influencers across XMA. This allowed the wider business to gain immediate value from Revere’s external data insights and research, but with it remaining clear that the campaign was being driven by business goals as opposed to internal discovery.

increase in CXO followers on LinkedIn

uplift in engagement for XMA’s senior leadership team

of marketing leads from senior director-level roles

Revere helped provide the external perspective we needed to pivot our brand strategy effectively and succinctly. It provided the missing layer to our marketing framework, one that helped align marketing to the business vision and elevate our conversation to the senior decision maker where we had been struggling to see engagement.

Marketing Director, XMA