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Our core values

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and being able to give something back is core to our values at Revere. It allows us to do our bit in tackling the wider social and environmental issues that matter to all of us. Read on to discover how we do it.

When we started on our journey back in 2017, we developed a set of seven core values. They are the compass that guides us in everything we do, and the foundation that our culture is built on.

The seven values that define us are:

  • We do the right thing
  • We promote openness and transparency
  • We hire and develop the best people
  • We trust in our team
  • We take social and ethical responsibility
  • We focus on continual improvement
  • We aim to wow


At Revere, we believe that the foundations of a thriving company are built on a diverse, safe, and well-equipped workforce. That’s why we actively promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and provide all our employees with the training and support they need.

Diversity and inclusion

We promote and celebrate diversity, inclusion, and championing individuals. We are an equal opportunities employer and as such, we will make any reasonable adjustments we can to accommodate the needs of all employees, and candidates during their interview process.
We provide diversity and inclusion training for all our employees, on topics like unconscious bias, to ensure that everyone upholds our culture of openness and employees feel safe to bring their whole self to work at Revere. Together, we strive to make our workplace and industry free from bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.


Our employee’s wellbeing is one of our main priorities here at Revere. That’s why we’ve developed our own programme that offers mental health awareness workshops and eLearning modules, supported by benefits and rewards through Vitality Healthcare memberships, and additional support from our team of Mental Health First Aiders.

Find out more about the wellbeing initiatives and culture.

Culture and Wellbeing

Personal development

We can only grow and prosper as a business if our people do as individuals. That’s why we provide training and development opportunities that support personal growth, as well as business performance.

We do this through regular training sessions and providing access to Revere's Learning Hub where you'll find all of our past and present sessions as well as external material. And we help to develop our team through our always-on personal development programme, Boost Advance, supporting employees to advance their career and boosting them to where they want to be.

Whenever possible, we look to promote from within, supporting individual growth and helping our teams to evolve naturally.

Find out more about our mission to make Revere a happy, flexible, and supportive company to be part of. Download our Boost benefits programme.

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We all have a responsibility to protect the environment. That’s why we’re taking any steps we can to contribute to giant leaps in tackling wider sustainability issues.

Sustainable printing

Every time we print, there is an environmental impact that needs to be considered. That’s why we keep our internal printing to an absolute minimum, while also using FSC certified paper as much as possible.

We advise our clients on sustainable production options, so they can meet their marketing needs without causing harm to the planet.

For external printing needs, we only work with print suppliers who have FSC certification – showing that they share our passion for sustainability. They must also show a drive to use environmentally sound inks and processing methods, to further limit their environmental impact.


We offer a cycle to work scheme, which can save our staff a significant amount on the purchase of a bike and accessories from selected retailers. We also encourage car sharing and public transport options. They reduce congestion and lower carbon footprints, which is good for everyone.

Revere Stock Exchange

From our office goodwill bookshelf to a dedicated communication channel to sell and recycle old belongings, our Stock Exchange is the place to find a new home for items that might otherwise end up in landfill.


At Revere, we encourage any meaningful action that amplifies a positive impact. From fundraising to volunteering, we find the best way to make a difference is to get stuck-in.

Charity work

With so many worthwhile causes out there, it would be impossible for us to support just one, or even a small handful of charities. That’s why we encourage our team to fundraise or volunteer for charities close to their hearts. And to show our support, we contribute an extra 50% of the total raised by any team member or client, up to £250 per year.


We have a strong sense of community and dedicating time to support the causes that we’re passionate about is an important part of our role – and can be a fulfilling experience for everyone involved. That’s why we encourage our team to take part in local initiatives with one fully paid volunteering day a year.

Charities we’ve supported