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Global thought leadership campaign

Exploring AI to captivate an audience

Creating exceptional, authentic experiences was the focus for Sitecore’s annual global thought leadership campaign. To position themselves as the leading DXP provider, Revere developed an innovative campaign, underpinned by AI generated art and supported by engaging organic content.

Underpinned by research that showed consumers are increasingly spending money on brands that align with their values, the campaign targeted C-Suite marketers. It highlighted the need for brands to be authentic in a market where discretionary spend has declined. 

Harnessing the AI revolution

Revere advised on the creative strategy, shaping compelling visuals to encourage organic sharing in the absence of significant paid media budget. 

Working in close collaboration with the Sitecore team and using the latest in AI technology, Revere developed unique imagery to represent the five campaign pillar themes. The use of cutting-edge technology demonstrated how Sitecore is at the forefront of digital innovation, offering standout, engaging digital experiences.

Brought to life through a live shoot and transformed using visual effects (VFX), the creative formed a high-impact backdrop for the launch of the campaign at Sitecore’s flagship event symposium and was rolled out across a suite of assets designed to engage the C-Suite audience and drive consideration of Sitecore’s solutions.